Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Ready to Practice

In my final weeks of studying Daoist medicine, I am torn between focusing on my Master's Portfolio, my upcoming national board licensing exams, and the practicalities of setting up a private practice. Looking at spaces to rent, seeking funding for a clinic to serve special needs patients, trying to decide where I want to set up my practice (here in NYC? in a beautiful natural setting out West?). So many decisions to make. And yet what a joy this process is. I have dreamed of this day when I could finally begin to treat people, to help them find their way back to wholeness and health. Only natural medicine can ultimately restore health. Modern Western medicine is just far to harmful to the body to ever be able to lead to true health. Cessation of symptoms, yes, it can do that. But at what cost? What sense does it make to destroy the body's delicate organ systems merely to push symptoms under the rug for months or years at most? In my book, that makes no sense whatsoever.

I am privileged to be practicing a form of medicine that has been refined for thousands of years, based on the most demanding clinical proof: the best doctors were private physicians to the emperor. If their treatments did not work, the emperor sometimes put them to death. How's that for motivation to practice effective medicine!

In the past, I have written about natural health topics, my personal experiences with Western medicine, and my favorite political causes. If you enjoy this blog, please feel free to send me things you'd like to see posted. I often post things to FaceBook as well, to share with friends from all eras of my life.

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