Sunday, October 17, 2010

Americans Against Food Taxes - BAH HUMBUG!

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I was on the Care2 petition website, where I often sign petitions on various political issues in an attempt to protect our environment, our food stream, and generally stand up against the powerful on behalf of the average citizen.  As a primary healthcare practitioner, the well being of ordinary people is my greatest concern, and often very powerful large business interests are allied against the wellbeing of ordinary people when it threatens their profits.

So I was disappointed to discover this morning that a group calling itself "Americans Against Food Taxes" appeared on the Care2 petition website.  They cite research studies that say there is no connection between drinking lots of sugar sodas and obesity, which, having just finished nine semesters of pathophysiology, is simply not true.  There might be one or two studies here or there that say such things, but the overwhelming majority of studies say the opposite.  Clearly they are cherry picking studies, probably funded by Big Agribusiness, that say what they want to say, not indicating that there are hundreds if not thousands of studies saying the opposite.  That is not merely misleading, that is a flat out lie, and they should not get away with that.

Because in classical Chinese medicine diet is seen as the treatment of first resort for any condition, I fight daily for keeping our foods pure and natural.  That is what we were designed or have evolved to eat, and not the processed gargabe that makes up 75% of the foods sold in grocery stores.  So it was no surprise when I looked at the page of "members" of this "Americans Against Food Taxes" and found that it was made up of regional grocery store associations (private business interests that have their own best interest rather than the health of their customers at heart, or should I say in mind), and Big Agribusiness, companies like Cargill (they grow millions of acres of corn and soybeans and make billions of dollars) and Burger King, as well as Coca Cola.  Now do you suppose Coca Cola would be a disinterested observer on this issue, since it is soda that the government is trying to tax to reduce its use, the way they tax cigarettes to make it a very expensive habit and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked?  Of course not, that is an absurd notion.

So I want my readers to recognize what a farce this front group is for Big Agribusiness.  Shame on you, American Against Food Taxes.  You are an enemy of the American people.

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