Monday, July 18, 2011

I read this morning on AlterNet that anti-psychotics are the most prescribed medication in America today, despite there being very few actual psychotics. (Has America Become a Nation of Psychotics?)

The next thing I read in this article was the staggering increase in prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs in children: One out of every 5 children that sees a psychiatrist comes away with a prescription for an anti-psychotic drug! That is simply unconscionable. There are so few people who are actually psychotic, something truly evil is going on here. Because mental illness is not detectable by any objective means, psychiatrists are particularly susceptible to the enormous pressures placed on physicians to overmedicate, to prescribe medications for people that don't fit the profile of those who might (and that is only a might) be helped by a particular medication.

I then went on to read The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials, but I was so upset by reading how children in the juvenile justice system are systematically put on anti-psychotic drugs that I couldn't read any further.

I feel so nauseated by the immensity of this problem, I can't talk about it right now. Damn Big Pharma.

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