Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey, this stuff works!

I recently did a few Feng Shui cures on my apartment in downtown Manhattan.  It's a very small apartment, an old tenement building turned into 1 bdrm (or so they call them) apartments.  It's in a wonderful location (Chelsea, one block from the West Village, one block from the Meatpacking District, two blocks from the Hudson River and Park), but it's noisy (Eighth Avenue) and not enough light (only the second floor).  I am very grateful to have had this apartment during my years in grad school as it is only 10 short blocks to school.  But I am about to open my new private practice in Classical Chinese Medicine and I am preparing my home and my office so that the Qi will flow amply yet smoothly through my life and work, and that is what Feng Shui cures do, they smooth the flow of Qi so it doesn't get hung up anywhere and doesn't flow too aggressively.

You don't have to believe in any Oriental philosophy for Feng Shui to work.  It is a science that understands the subtle energies in the universe, which was studied through an empirical process for several thousand years by Chinese physician-scientists.  They learned what worked.  We in the West are only now beginning to recognize the presence of these subtle energies and how they affect every aspect of life on Earth.

My point today is that only two days in, I am falling asleep and staying asleep.  I've had VICIOUS insomnia for many, many years now, where I can't fall asleep before 3 or 4 in the morning, or if I do manage to fall asleep earlier, I wake up 4 or 5 times, feeling extremely uncomfortable both physically and mentally, waking up so tired that all I can do is cry out of sheer exhaustion.  So seeing these simple, inexpensive Feng Shui cures already begin to have such a clear positive effect is delightful.  I am feeling so much more cheerful, and am looking forward to opening my new practice next week.  If Feng Shui does this much for my crappy little apartment, imagine what it will do for my beautiful new little jewel box of an office!  "Hooray Feng Shui!" (chant repeatedly)

May I suggest you look into Feng Shui to help the energy flow into and through your life and work as well?  These energies of the Earth and the Heavens are a free gift from God, why not accept this gift?  It was put there for your benefit.

In light and love, Karen-Lynette

PS.  Believe it or not, I did these cures based on "Feng Shui for Dummies," yes, one of THAT series of yellow and black beginners guides.  The author is funny and makes it very simple to understand.  If you don't want to read it all, just do the general cures for the most important rooms:  bedroom, kitchen (stove in particular), home office desk, and front door.  The cures can be bought for a couple of dollars each in any Chinatown.  Have fun!

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