Thursday, September 9, 2010

FDA knowingly misrepresents scientific findings

In my daily review of the latest alternative medicine research this morning, I found this:

 [In a] 2006 survey sent by the Union of Concerned Scientists to nearly 6,000 FDA scientists.  Those scientists that responded to the survey (about 1,000 of them) made some pretty shocking admissions . . .
  • Almost 20 percent admitted that they had been "asked explicitly by FDA decision makers to provide incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information to the public, regulated industry, media, or elected/senior government officials."
  • Less than 50 percent agreed that the FDA "routinely provides complete and accurate information to the public."
  • 47 percent admitted of being aware of instances "where commercial interests have inappropriately induced or attempted to induce the reversal, withdrawal or modification of FDA determinations or actions."
Shocking?  Yes.  Surprising?  Sadly, no.  

Enough said?  I thought so, too.

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