Friday, September 24, 2010

Women absorb 5 lbs of cosmetics each year!

Women who wear makeup daily absorb about 5 lbs of cosmetic ingredients each year.  That is not good news because nearly all cosmetic products are heavily laden with toxic ingredients.  I read this in Dr. Mercola's newsletter today.

I can recommend one line of beauty products that don't contain anything harmful:  Lavera.  It is a German company, and I have had to order online until recently, when Lavera made a deal to begin selling their products at Target, of all places.  Who knew they had an interest in natural products?  I have used Lavera products for several years now, on the recommendation of a classmate in acupuncture school.  She is a chemical engineer from Germany, and is totally into natural health.  (Interesting person, huh?)  Germany has banned many sources of toxic chemicals such in dry cleaning establishments.  They've been doing this for two decades already.  America is SO far behind . . .

Think purity, whether it's food, clothing, cleaning products or cosmetics.  Anything that you breathe, eat, wear or touch ought to be harmless.  We have a long way to go on this.  Time to get started.

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